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10 Most Common Transmission Problems


10 Most Common Transmission Problems

10 Most Common Transmission Problems

What is transmission (gear box) of a car???

A transmission system that transmits the engine power to the drive wheel.

   And a transmission system have many components like various gears, gear shifter, forks, engine oils, sensors. .....etc

If any of them part damaged/not working then this is very bad for your car,
You can't move anywhere.

Vehicles  have two type of gear box like-:.      
Automatic transmissions or 

Manual transmissions.

Manual transmissions usually are more complex sealed units,  so you don’t have to check or
If there is any problem then you can't resolve it own self. To resolve this problem you must need to meet with manufacturer.

But you must know what are most common errors are arise with the gearbox and how to diagnose them

Here are some additional problem with gearbox are mentioned below.

Additionally, you could experience any number of other transmission problems.

Transmission Leaks

Transmission leaks are very common problem with gearbox.

We all know that the gearbox have many rotating parts so reduce it's friction we use transmission oil.

If this transmission have leaks then all fluid may blow out and thus, the gearbox doesn't work properly.

If there is any leakages inside the gearbox then you will notice that your engine oil will get over very soon.

Due to leakage you will noticed that your gear shifters are not work properly.

These are usually  a sign that the fluid is low. You’ll need to have the transmission leak fixed. This leak could be in the pan gasket or the front pump that is leaking. For a temporary fix, add No Leak Transmission Stop Leak.

Bad Clutches

A worn clutch is also a sign of transmission problem.

It seems that if your vehicle's Transmission looks unresponsive.

Clutch is a mediator between engine and gearbox if,  clutch plate get damaged (tear and wear) then is loose it's characteristics.

A clutch plate is made with combination of friction plate and clutch steel plate and these plates are worn out after a some running time.

A worn out clutch doesn't engage disengage the transmission with engine effectively.

If your engine oil level and gears are ok but, you have problem then must check your clutch and if needed you must change your clutch kit,
If your clutch looks unresponsive according to set standerd.



If the transmission whines. have it looked at sooner rather than later. The problem could be in the torque converter/gears, or in the solid parts or planetary gears. 

Torque converters can be replaced, but if the hard parts like gears gear case...... Etc  are damaged, it’s time to install a new transmission.

Shaking and Grinding


This shaking and grinding problem generally happens with manual transmissions system, and it’s usually a problem with the gears messing.

In this problem grinding and shaking when you put the vehicle into gear your gears vibrates and gradually grinds each other.

In most cases, the manual transmission needs to replaced clutch.

Gear doesn't select

If this happens, check the transmission oil level. Make sure the level of oil is correct. If it is not, then there should the problem with selecting of shifting gears. thus it may  need to change the fluid because it is become dull.

because the shifter cable or clutch linkage become loose and need to  Readjustment.

A computer can also cause this problem, because there are many sensors are used if any sensor become defective or not works properly or even if the computer is not working. In some cases, the “engine check light” may be on.

Then You’ll have to meet with the auto technician can read the codes to determine what the problems are arises with the car.

Slipping and Popping Into and Out of Gear

If the transmission is slipping from mesh up condition then check engine oils level.

If it has the correct level of fluid, or if the transmission is going in and out with another gear, then there is problem with that link which holds the gears may be broken or worn out.

This needs to be repaired immediately as possible, as it could be a safety risk while you are driving.

Dragging Clutch

Dragging clutch means when you press the clutch pedal then the clutch plate doesn't disengage from the flywheel.
This is also a sign of transmission problem.

Due to this there is too much slack in clutch pedal.

It means your clutch pedal doesn't pull the clutch plate linkage from the flywheel and clutch plate steel rotating with the flywheel in this condition you can't able to change your gear.

For this you need simple maintenance and repair with clutch pedal linkage.

Loose Clutch Pedal

If you press the clutch pedal but nothing happens with  your car means your car's pedal is loose.

Or the clutch pedal feels really too loose, this could be a problem with the slave cylinder.

In manual gearbox  clutches use a master cylinder, which contains a fluid that transmit clutch pedal pressure to clutch plate. If this master cylinder have any fault and you don’t find it, you could damage the slave cylinder or the transmission system itself.

The slave cylinder disengages the clutch when you press the clutch pedal in. The pressure that it uses comes from the master cylinder. A failing slave cylinder could also show up as problems shifting the vehicle into and out of gear.

Automatic torque converter

This problem occurs when your  torque converter failed. Sometimes you will hear it “rattling.” Sometimes you may not be able to shift  your first gear. A torque converter problem could also cause the transmission to shift gears effectively. If you have a problem with the torque converter, it will need to be replaced.

How to Prevent Transmission Problems

 There are many rotating equipment inside the gearbox and these all parts gradually degraded and loose it's characteristics.

But by putting propper care and mainy you can increase the life cycle and performance of the transmission system.

Make sure that after a certain time interval go for it's servicing and maintenance.

According to manufactures recommendations change its oil

after some time interval need to check it's all sensors and actuators that working properly or not.

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